Guide to Building Permits

What Is A Building Permit?

A Building Permit is a document issued by the City of Cranbrook which grants legal permission to begin construction of a building project. A building project includes new construction, additions, alterations, renovations, relocations and repairs or rehabilitation of a building or structure.  Please also see our Building Permit Application Guide for more information.

2018 Notable Building Code Requirements 
*Added February 2019
Mobile Home Placement
Cold Weather Requirements 
Window Notice 2013
Building Bylaw Changes Effective October 22, 2013
Building Bylaw Permit Fees (Schedule A) & BC Building Code Compliance

Building Permits Are Required:
* to erect a new building or structure, including garages, decks, swimming pools and mobile homes;
* to demolish, repair, alter, add to or move an existing building or structure;
* to construct a recreation room or fireplace; and
* for repairs which change or affect the structural nature of a building or structure.

Some minor building projects may not require a Building Permit, but construction is still required to conform to the requirements of the B.C. Building Code. The City's Building Inspector should be contacted to determine whether a Building Permit is required.

Why is a Building Permit Required?
A Building Permit is required in order that public health and safety is protected in the construction of a building project.

Making an Application for a Building Permit
Applications may be made at our office at

1212 2nd Street North (at rear of Cranbrook Public Library)
Cranbrook, BC V1C 4T6
(250) 489-0207

Building Permit Application - Standard Building
Building Permit Application - Complex Building
2018 Notable Building Code Requirements *Added February 2019

Applications must include:

* legal description and address of subject property; and
* site plan showing the following: the street location and dimensions of the property proposed for development; the location of both existing and proposed buildings with distances from property lines indicated; vehicular access to the site;
* 2 complete sets of scaled construction drawings showing:
+ dimensions of the building foundation details;
+ floor plans showing the proposed use of each room;
+ elevations showing full views of front, rear and sides of building including additions;
+ cross section showing construction details;
+ exterior finishing details;
* a description of development located adjacent to the subject property; and
* a clear statement of how land and buildings will be used.

Reviewing Applications
City staff will review your application to ensure all required information has been provided and that the proposed construction complies with the following bylaws as required --

City of Cranbrook Building Bylaw
Board of Variance Bylaw
Development Cost Charge Bylaw
Erosion and Sediment Control Bylaw
Fire Damaged Building Demolition and Removal Bylaw
City of Cranbrook Heritage Bylaw
Land Use Applications Bylaw
Local Improvement Construction Bylaw
Mobile Home Parks Bylaw
Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw
Zoning Bylaw No. 3737, 2012

Other permits and information may be required depending on the nature of a specific building project. For example:

* the deposit or excavation of soil or other material to or from a site may require separate approval under the Soil and Other Material Deposit Regulation Bylaw depending on the amounts involved;
* a Site Profile may be required by the Ministry of Environment Lands and Parks;
* a Development Permit maybe required if the building project is located in a Development Permit area as designated in the City's Official Community Plan.

Other approvals may be required in certain situations. City staff will indicate these situations depending on the proposal under review.

Applications involving simple alteration or additions can usually be dealt with fairly quickly, while more complex proposals will take longer. If problems are identified in the review process, City staff will discuss them with the applicant before considering refusal of the Building Permit.

When all requirements are met, notice will be given to pick up the Building Permit at the City's Engineering and Planning Department. Once a Building Permit is issued, ensure that it is available at the construction site along with approved drawings.

Please note that once a Building Permit is issued:
* construction should begin within six (6) months from the date of issuance;
* a Building Permit becomes invalid after twenty-four (24) months from the date of issuance;
* a Request for Inspection on the site must be made to the Building Inspector at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance.

For More Information
Information and application forms are available to assist you in planning your building project.

Please contact our office at --

1212 2nd Street North (at rear of Cranbrook Public Library)
Cranbrook, BC V1C 4T6
(250) 489-0207.

Other Useful Links

Site Profiles

The following documents describing the site profile process have been updated to improve clarity and to reflect changes to our Site Profile Processing Procedure which came into effect on April 1, 2013:

Fact Sheet 5 – Site Profiles: Local Government Duties
Fact Sheet 19 – The Site Profile System
Administrative Guidance 1 – Completing and Submitting Site Profiles
Administrative Guidance 2 – Site Profile Processing Requirements for Municipalities and Approving Officers
Administrative Guidance 6 – Site Profile Decisions and Requesting Releases Where Local Government Approvals are Required
Requesting a release notice - example template letter (under the heading “Form Letters” provided in our site profiles key topic web page)

Please direct all site profile related queries to

WorkSafeBC -
(Toll Free) - 1-800-663-4962
*Please also find information about asbestos abatement

Homeowner Protection Office -
Phone: 604-646-7050
Toll Free In Canada: 1-800-507-7757
Fax: 604-646-7051

BC Safety Authority -
#14  - 600 Industrial Road 1
(Across tracks behind Budget)
Toll Free: 1-866-566-7233
Gas/Electrical Inspector: 250-426-1277

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Changes To BC Building Code - December 2012

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