YXC Advantage

Striving To Be Your Airport Of Choice

YXC offers the convenience of flying from, and most importantly returning home to, your own backyard. We have included some information below to help you find the lowest fares because we are committed to bringing you the best value.

“The more you use it the better it gets.” By continuing to increase our passenger traffic, we can attract more air service, bringing lower airfare costs, as a result of airline partners having more success and increased competition.

How To Find The Best Prices

There are several cost-saving programs offered by our current air-service partners: Integra Air, Air Canada Express, and Pacific Coastal Airlines:

Air Canada:

Airfare, as well as vacation packages, are most often less expensive from YXC than from Calgary or Vancouver when you book though Air Canada Vacations (www.vacations.aircanada.com).
$0 connection between Cranbrook and Calgary or Vancouver when booking a vacation to the Carribean and Mexico. Click here for more information

Consider leaving for your vacation on a weekday for additional savings. Weekday departures are often less expensive than weekend departures.
Air Canada lists their current deals on their website, and they also send out email notifications. Click here to sign up for the email notifications, and to see a list of their current deals. Click here for more information

Pacific Coastal:

Did you know, “More Rewards” points can be used to purchase air travel with Pacific Coastal Airlines? When you're ready to trade in points for flights, order a coupon from More Rewards. Once you have it in hand please phone Pacific Coastal Airlines to book your flights. It's that easy! Click here for more information.

Pacific Coastal offers a “Quick Pass” program which allows you to buy flights in bulk, and lock in the price of your ticket at a discount of at least 20%. The Quick Pass option is best for frequent travelers. Please visit their website for further details.
Every Tuesday, Pacific Coastal offers new “Smokin’ Hot Deals” which they list on the home page of their website. This week they are advertising flights from Cranbrook to Victoria for as low as $181.89 each way, all fees included!

In general:

To find the lowest fare for long-haul domestic, and international travel, be sure to search flights from your origin to your final destination. If segments are looked at in isolation the total cost will likely be significantly higher. For example, if you are travelling to Toronto, you would search for flights beginning in Cranbrook and ending in Toronto. A recent search resulted in the following return fares:

Cranbrook - Toronto (Return Trip) $817.06 
Total Cranbrook to Toronto (when booked all at once)   $817.06
Cranbrook - Calgary (Return Trip) $354.11 
Calgary - Toronto (Return Trip) $687.91 
Total Segmented Cost   $1042.02
Not only does this example show that it is better to purchase your flights at one time, it also demonstrates the marginal price difference between flying from YXC and flying from Calgary (only $129.15)! Do you think you would spend at least this amount on gas, and on higher parking fees at a larger airport? Is 10 hours of your time worth at least 129.15? (That’s only $12.92/hour).