Subdivision Application Guide

This page provides information on the requirements and processes for a subdivision of land.  It is intended for general guidance only.

When is a Subdivision Application required?

Subdivision is the process of altering property (lot) boundaries.   The subdivision approval process requires formal approval from the City of Cranbrook Approving Officer, and registration of the new subdivision at the Land Titles Office.   Click 'Subdivision Application Guide' for more information.

Subdivision Preliminary Layout Approval (PLA) Application Submission Requirements

An application for Preliminary Layout Approval (PLA) for the subdivision of land and/or buildings must be submitted to the City's Approving Officer.  The Approving Officer Policy sets out the subdivision application submission requirements in support of an application for PLA.   Applicants should refer to the Subdivision Application Guide and Checklist which can be obtained at the City's Engineering Department. 

Click 'Subdivision Preliminary Layout Approval (PLA) Application Submission Requirements' for more information.

Bare Land Strata Plan Standards for Works And Services

The Approving Officer may refuse to approve a bare land strata plan unless satisfied that access routes and water, sewage and drainage systems within the subdivision will be constructed in accordance with certain codes, or where they do not apply, to standards generally accepted as good engineering practice.  As the latter may have differing interpretations, this policy sets out the standards which the Approving Officer generally considers to be good engineering practice.  The Approving Office may, but will not necessarily, accept a certification from a professional engineer as evidence that the standards proposed for a bare land strata subdivision do constitute generally accepted good engineering practice.

Click 'Bare Land Strata Plan Standards for Works And Services' for more information.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to Corporate Services.

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